Pool Deck Finishes

Pool deck finishes by Elite Concrete Systems aren’t just beautiful – they are a necessity, providing an anti-slip texture designed to reduce slip-and-fall accidents on wet surfaces. The best part is that these finishes can be installed on new or existing pool decks almost regardless of their condition.

Our protective concrete finishes are NOT simply paint or resealer. They consist of a time-tested, polymer-modified cement that chemically bonds with the concrete surface. When properly applied, these finishes are permanent and will provide years of beauty and anti-slip protection to your pool deck. In addition to being extremely durable, these finishes are resistant to damaging UV rays, pool chemicals, and staining. They are also weatherproof and can resist below-freezing temperatures or desert heat.

Our pool deck finishes are durable and hard-wearing and can be installed quickly. They are low-maintenance, VOC-free, and can be customized with virtually unlimited designs, patterns, and colors.

Durable & hard wearing ● Quick installation ● Low maintenance ● VOC free
Complete project customization, virtually unlimited designs, patterns & colors!

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